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We are here to provide you hassle free business experience that makes your business life easy and free. YBC is committed to respecting your privacy and protecting your personal data. YBC wants you to be confident that we keep your privacy on top priority.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a consultant’s rating impact him/her?2022-12-01T09:52:49+05:00

YBC Admin team continuously monitors ratings and reviews received by our clients and manages KPIs for performance accordingly.

Does YBC platform enable me to rate and review a consultant?2022-12-01T09:52:57+05:00

Yes. You can review and rate a consultant’s quality of service through the consultant’s profile page after logging in as a verified client.

Can I share entire folders with consultants?2022-12-01T09:53:15+05:00

Yes. While creating a folder, please specify the name of the consultant with whom you would like to share. After creation, click on Share folder.

Where can I see documents that have been shared with me?2022-12-01T09:53:23+05:00

You can view and download documentation shared with you through My Documents -> Shared with me. Uploaded documentation that has been shared by anyone automatically appears here.

How do I share a file with a specific consultant using YBC Portal?2022-12-01T09:53:30+05:00

You can upload a file using My Documents section. While uploading, specify the name of the consultant with whom you would like to share the documentation. Click on Share after upload to share it.

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