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Dr. Ayaz Yousaf

Business Development Manager

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Can I add an appointment to my working Outlook calendar as a reminder?2022-12-01T09:54:31+05:00

Yes. YBC Platform enables you to add your consultation appointments on Outlook. To do that simply open the .ics attachment with a confirmation email and follow the guided process.

Can I book advisory services as a retainer?2022-12-01T09:56:35+05:00

Yes. YBC consultations can be booked as an ongoing/retainer. To do that, please reach out to our admin team at +92-300-8441670 or via the “Reach Out to Us” section on the website.

Can I book YBC consultants online?2022-12-01T09:57:09+05:00

Yes. YBC Consultants are available both online and in-person for consultations.

Can I cancel an appointment after scheduling?2022-12-01T09:54:41+05:00

Yes. Appointments can be cancelled by:

  • Client’s/Consultant’s login portal -> My Appointments
  • Confirmation email received (carries a link to reschedule the meeting)
Can I reschedule an appointment after booking?2022-12-01T09:54:47+05:00

Yes. Booked appointments can be rescheduled by:

  • Client’s/Consultant’s login portal -> My Appointments
  • Confirmation email received (carries a link to reschedule the meeting)
Can I review my upcoming/past appointments on YBC portal?2022-12-01T09:54:53+05:00

Yes. After logging in, go to Navigation Pane -> My Appointments

Can I set up consultations in person?2022-12-01T09:55:46+05:00

Yes. In person consultations are booked via a consultant’s profile, where the exact location of meeting is visible as well.

Can I share entire folders with consultants?2022-12-01T09:53:15+05:00

Yes. While creating a folder, please specify the name of the consultant with whom you would like to share. After creation, click on Share folder.

Can I upload documentation on YBC Portal for sharing with consultants?2022-12-01T09:53:37+05:00

Yes. After logging in, go to Navigation Pane -> My Documents. Here you can create folders, upload files on any format and assign to consultants for sharing purposes.

Do I need a password on the YBC Platform as a client?2022-12-01T09:55:11+05:00

No. Clients are required to log in via OTP confirmation only.

Do I need to install Google Meet/Zoom on my PC to set up online consultations?2022-12-01T09:54:09+05:00

No. YBC platform enables you to set up consultations without installing any additional tool.

Do I need to pre-pay to acquire advisory/consultation services?2022-12-01T09:57:15+05:00

Yes. YBC payments are processed through our admin team outside the system. The administrators authorize/approve a user for advisory services after payment is received.

Does YBC platform enable me to rate and review a consultant?2022-12-01T09:52:57+05:00

Yes. You can review and rate a consultant’s quality of service through the consultant’s profile page after logging in as a verified client.

How can I review my payment status via YBC platform?2022-12-01T09:55:39+05:00

Your payment status (verified/not verified) is visible at the top section of your Profile after login. An intimation is also provided while attempting to book appointments.

How can I sign up and log in as a client on the YBC Portal?2022-12-01T09:55:19+05:00

You can redirect to the login page from YBC’s homepage and use an OTP verification via your cell phone to sign up and log in to the portal.

How do I share a file with a specific consultant using YBC Portal?2022-12-01T09:53:30+05:00

You can upload a file using My Documents section. While uploading, specify the name of the consultant with whom you would like to share the documentation. Click on Share after upload to share it.

How does a consultant’s rating impact him/her?2022-12-01T09:52:49+05:00

YBC Admin team continuously monitors ratings and reviews received by our clients and manages KPIs for performance accordingly.

Is YBC restricted to any specific geography/country?2022-11-30T10:49:18+05:00

YBC is currently providing services within Pakistan, with a plan to expand globally in the future.

What are the capabilities provided by YBC?2022-11-30T10:49:27+05:00

YBC, as a platform, assists business owners with:

  1. Consultations: Linkage to consultants providing advisory services for multiple areas of expertise
  2. Business Services: Acquire business services directly from service providers for operational and strategic business needs
What is the core objective of YBC?2022-12-01T09:56:06+05:00

Your Business Clinic (YBC) aims at enabling clients, an access to consultations and business services anywhere to improve their business conditions.

Where can I see documents that have been shared with me?2022-12-01T09:53:23+05:00

You can view and download documentation shared with you through My Documents -> Shared with me. Uploaded documentation that has been shared by anyone automatically appears here.

Where can I specify the platform for online consultations?2022-12-01T09:54:15+05:00

Platforms for online consultations can be selected while booking an appointment i.e. Google Meet, Zoom or In-Person.

Where do I receive the link for online meetings after booking confirmation?2022-12-01T09:53:57+05:00

Link for online meetings (along with meeting details) is received via email automatically after an appointment is booked.

Which platforms are available for online meetings via YBC?2022-12-01T09:54:22+05:00

YBC consultations can be scheduled to occur on the following platforms:

  • Google Meet
  • Zoom